Top 7 Tools for Increasing Pay-per-Click Ads Efficiency.

Top 7 PPC Tools to Grow Ads Efficiency.

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Top 7 PPC Tools to Grow Ads Efficiency.



We are webTIPS. one of the Best Marketing Agencies with Innovative & Creative Marketing ideas to Scale businesses and help them grow in their Industry.
We are going to talk about Top PPC tools which help Business Grow their Businesses Promotions Efficiently.
We want to give you a resource that we think they are really valuable for you. These are the tools that we use to managing PPC Campaigns for our clients.

Let's Get started,

We are going to give an overview of our favorite Tools for PPC Campaigns, please read the Entire Article it helps you get a better idea of tools that help your business promotions, announcements efficiently.

These are the Top 7 PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Tools:

These tools help you to manage your Pay-Per-Click campaigns or Click-Per-Charge Campaigns more efficiently.

07: Adalysis :


You can run better ads with Adalysis, if you are running ads in Adalysis, to get better results in Adalysis you can turn off the Poor Performing and Turning on the Best Performing Cost Per Click Ads. But the main issue in here is we have to go every single day and pay attention. By using the campaign performance or statistics to figure out you have to show that Ad or not. It will be trouble you won't be able to run the ads very efficiently.

To figure this Adalysis is a great tool to help you manage the way that you can Turn on and Turn off the Ads

You should check it out if you want to become more efficient with your Ad Copy Testing.

Why do we are supposed to do the Ad Copy Testing?

Because we want to automate Ad testing because we don't always log in to Google Ads every day. This helps you to pitch sales efficiently.

06: Scrapebox :


This is an old tool but a Great tool. Scrapebox is a desktop application that you can download (Windows Only) and you can use it to scrape the results from search engines from different websites very easily, this tool pulls everything into its interface and you can use it to generate 100's and 1000's of keyword ideas "think out of the box" and you can get efficient data. Do not worry this is a desktop application, it uses your browser and your PC to get you this information so it won't get shut down or banned by Google because it's using your PC.

Why do you want to use this tool?

Because if you want to generate tons and tons of keyword Ideas and maybe to get a clear picture to think out of the box with the way you do analysis.

05: Google Analytics :


This is our favorite tool; this is a killer tool for boosting your PPC Ads efficiency in addition to this it measures everything on your website with this single platform.

Google Average Reports in Google Analytics are awesome, you can track your Campaigns, Bid Adjustments, Search Quires, Site Links pretty much everything.

Why do you want to use this tool?

Google Analytics helps you to track everything of your PPC Ads and you can make adjustments immediately in addition to this you can do Re-Marketing, Conversion Tracking what not…!!!

The best part about Google Analytics, you can push your changes on PPC from Google Analytics too.

04: :


Keyword Tools lets you put in any keyword and then it will scrape Google's Autosuggest Results and find different variations of that same keyword. We can use this to build and generate keyword lists and negative keyword lists too. If you want to stop few hits searching with a specific keyword where you don't offer your products or services.

Why do we want this tool?

Because you can filter keywords that are useful to you from Google Suggest and increase the efficiency of your PPC Ads.

03: SEMrush :


You can use SEMrush for your all-in-one competitive research tool and you can do here is you can find how your competitors are performing, what type of keywords they are bidding on, how much they are spending on their PPC Ads, what is their organic search.

This tool helps you to generate keyword ideas too. This tool is a high-standard one in the Industry for Competitive Research.

Why do we want this tool?

This tool helps you to understand the Competitors Strategies which eventually helps you to get with the best strategy for your business and gain good results.

02: AdWords Scripts :


It doesn't get more efficient than using a script to automate your Google Ads, it is hard to visualize what AdWords Scripts are but think of it's as every repetitive that you're doing every boring task that you are doing in Google Ads you can find a way to automate it.

Why do we use this tool?

To lower the bid until we get to a certain position or We're going to use a script to turn off Ads if they are not working as well as we want them to if the conversion rates too or if or cost per acquisition is too high.

AdWords scripts are a great way to become more efficient without doing a lot of extra work, set up these scripts on a big account you can get some major results improvements by just turning off the things that aren't working and doubling on the things that are working.

01: Zapier :


Zapier is not an AdWords tool but it connects over a thousand apps and one of the most common ones that you might want to use for Google Ads is any time you get a new lead coming into your platform you can put it into your Google Sheet and you can keep track of all the leads you generated from PPC Ads

Then once you got everything on that sheet you can do everything that you want to use that data for marketing like sending email, notifications, re-marketing them, etc. there is all kinds of thing you can do once you start collecting your leads not a direct Google Ads Integration but there is a lot of things you can do with your Ads data with the results that come from your Ads that can make your PPC Ads performance that can make your tasks even easier.

Why do we need this tool?

Even though this is not a PPC Ads tool and there is not a direct integration because you can automate just everything else.


This are the tools which helps you run your PPC Ads performance efficiently to get good results on promoting your business to grow in your Industry.

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